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We Buy Used Furniture Chicago

Buy and sell second-hand furniture quickly and easily. Keep it simple. Without the need to sign up to websites, upload photos, deal with annoying messages, interact with strangers or haggle over the price.

we buy used furniture chicago


- Choose your items and specify their condition- Choose the IKEA store where you would like to sell them-Get your estimate- Bring your furniture in and we will give you the amount on an IKEA gift card

Whether you need to furnish your place on the cheap or simply want to add an interesting touch to your current setup, consider checking out secondhand furniture stores in Chicago. From thrift shops to antique stores, there are plenty of places where you can find just the right dressers, couches or tables for your home. Picking up a piece that is inexpensive also allows your inner Pinterest fan to go wild with repurposing or painting new furniture. Here's list of some of the best of the best places to find secondhand furniture in Chicago at an assortment of price points. For an additional list, check out this article on CBS Chicago.

Located in Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood, The Brown Elephant, the Resale Shop of Howard Brown Health Center, offers a wide selection of furniture, accessories and home décor so you can make your house a home. It's an eclectic mix of items and a treasure trove for home decorators, and includes a nice mix of antiques and newer pieces. Donations are typically placed on the shop's shelves almost constantly, giving the store an ever-rotating selection. As with any thrift store situation, make sure you snap up an item you love. Additional shops are located in Oak Park, and in Chicago's Andersonville neighborhood. According to the Brown Elephant Resale Shop's website, purchases made at the shops "help fund services for the more than 50 percent of Howard Brown Health Center clients who are under or uninsured." If you have furniture you no longer need, consider donating it to the shop, too.

Setting up an office can get expensive, and that's where Office Furniture Resources comes in. The suburban store offers both new and used furniture that includes file cabinets, workstations, reception chairs, desks, conference tables and many more options. Items are available in an assortment of price points, too. Office Furniture Resources has additional locations in Milwaukee and Madison, Wis., and in Overland, Mo.

Consider stopping in to St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store the next time you need a new chair, bookcase or other furniture for your home. The thrift store offers an assortment of finds that you can use to furnish your home. In addition, your purchase helps support the organization's outreach services, including food pantries. St. Vincent de Paul has a store in suburban Libertyville, and also recently opened a new location in Orland Park.

Perhaps you need that extra special "something" in your home, but you can't quite put your finger on what that something is. That's where Urban Remains comes in. You can find items salvaged from a number of historical homes and buildings, and pick up something for your home that you likely won't see just anywhere. Art deco light fixtures, stained glass windows, repurposed furniture, vintage signs, antique doors and doorknobs and so much more are available for purchase.

AptDeco is a new used furniture platform based in New York City that takes much of the hassle out of buying large items secondhand: It sets up insured delivery (currently available in the five boroughs of NYC) and handle the payment. Its curated collection of used furniture is also much easier to wade through than Craigslist. Check it out here.

1st Dibs is one of the top online marketplaces for high-end vintage and antique furniture, jewelry, and fashion. The price points are usually high, but if you're looking for a replica of Marie Antoinette's chartreuse velvet settee, this is the place to go. Visit here.

In addition to Mason jar cocktail shakers and Game of Thrones embroidery samplers, Etsy is also a great place to buy used and vintage furniture. There's a lot to wade through, but using the price, color, and ship-to filters can also help narrow it down. Get started here.

Lushpad is an online marketplace for authentic modern furniture. Shops or individual sellers can sell licensed and approved modern and mid-century modern furniture. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Lushpad currently operates in North America but is planning to expand. Visit here.

FleaPop is an online market for both used and new furniture. Sellers can create "shops" for free, similar to Etsy, and FleaPop charges a 6% commission. Buyers can shop by item, location or style and payment is taken through the website with Paypal. Get poppin' here.

Currently operating in the Bay Area and Raleigh-Durham (with plans to expand), Move Loot is a startup that serves as a used furniture warehouse and marketplace. To set themselves apart for buyers, Move Loot actually picks up the items that are approved for sale and holds them until they sell at a warehouse for up to 60 days. After that, sellers can either pay to have the item returned or donate to a local charity. Items are reduced 40% after 30 days and buyers have the option of offering a lower price at any time that the seller must approve. Check out the site here.

This was a somewhat surprising find. The South Side of Chicago is typically considered a low income region of the city. At first thought, one would assume that buying and selling used furniture would be more prominent among low income households, as the price point for these items are lower than retail. However, this might be evidence that buying and selling used furniture is more connected to middle income households due to more discretionary income and perhaps even logistical issues that Dolly aims to solve.

Considering how you might be able to afford your office furniture purchase? Let RJ Furniture help. We have the ability to lease your office furniture to you. Through our leasing partners we are able to provide several advantages to leasing your furniture. This includes 100% financing, fixed payments, competitive interests rates, and ownership of the furniture at lease end. What does this mean to a business owner?

Rieke Office Interiors, located in northern Illinois, is a one-stop shop for all your office furniture needs. Whether you need to renovate your office, move to a new office space, or simply add to your current office furniture, Rieke Office Interiors can help. Visit our showroom or contact us and we will find the perfect office furniture to fit your budget and your office. We have a variety of gently used, new, and discounted office chairs, desks, file cabinets, bookcases, lounge furniture, conference and meeting tables, cubicles and workstations.

Contemporary, traditional and modern styles of used office furniture are available in our showroom. Rieke Office Interiors also offers brand-new mockup and showroom samples at a discounted price. We are a full-service office furniture company, so we can also provide professional space planning, furniture delivery, installation, and office design.

Rieke Office Interiors offers gently used office furniture solutions at significant savings when compared to the cost of new office furniture. This allows Chicagoland businesses on a tight budget, the ability to purchase quality office furniture without breaking the bank. Because we are also a furniture manufacturer, we have the ability to customize some of our used furniture as well.

If the thought of having a stranger come to your home to buy your furniture creeps you out, AptDeco assures a smooth buying/selling transition for New York City and New Jersey residents (with Boston and Philadelphia coming soon) by using a trusted community of buyers and sellers, along with pre-arranged pick up and delivery. From sofas and chairs to vintage furniture pieces, this NYC-based company makes the selling and buying process easy for those who are looking for quality pre-owned furniture for their home.

Indeed, by the time we partnered with them, CFB had given away 12 million pounds of furniture that might have otherwise burdened the landfill. Instead, that furniture got a second life and helped make a home for the previously homeless.

Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit organization that helps build safe and affordable homes for families who need them. They work in all 50 states across the U.S., as well as 70 countries internationally. In addition, they also act as a furniture pickup and donation center.

Goodwill stores work on the local level to provide job training and employment services to people in need. They have 156 community organizations across the U.S., Canada, and 12 other countries. In addition to a clothing donation drop off, most Goodwill locations also offer free pickup for furniture and other large items. Contact your local Goodwill to find out if pickup service is available in your area.

Items that Pick Up Please accepts: Acceptable donations include gently-used household goods, clothing, toys, electronics, and smaller furniture, such as nightstands and office chairs.

Your donation to the Furniture Bank helps battered women and children, immigrants, the unemployed, the working poor, and the previously homeless set up their home. The Furniture Bank is available in 34 states. Head to their website to find a location near you, and call to schedule a free furniture donation pick up.

How your donation helps: When you donate furniture to Furniture Banks, they redirect your items directly into the hands of families in need. They offer free furniture donation pickup in some areas, but others will charge a small fee.

Another circumstance to be wary of is weather. A warm day is great for moving. A cloudy day is even better. Consider avoiding rainy or windy days as these settings may compromise moving safety and the integrity of the items being donated for furniture pickup. 041b061a72


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