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Thank God Subtitles English ((FULL))

Thank God English subtitles can be downloaded from Many versions of Subtitles have been added. Your No. 1 trusted subtitle blog, is here to ensure you have an easy read throughout the subtitle to the trending movies and Tv Shows.

Thank God subtitles English

I'm not sure if this will work but here goes. Go to settings> general> international> language> Arabic. Now go to settings> general> accessibility> subtitles and captioning> on. When the movie starts tap the screen and tap CC.

TADESSE MESKELA [foreign language with subtitles]: Just pick one up. It says Belgium. This is our coffee - Oromia Coffee Union. Its ready to go to Belgium now. It goes to Antwerp, Belgium. Isn't this one from Harar? I'm embarrassed by the quality of these sacks! Wherever I go I find that our sacks are not up to standard. Are they washed? This is my coffee, let me show you. This is Sun Dried Harar - one of the best coffees in the world. There is no coffee which is as quality as this coffee. But we are getting a very low price. The price has affected all the people involved in coffee trading. If the price of coffee had been higher you can see all the machinists would be fully engaged in processing the coffee. But nowadays there are only a few people engaged and, as you can see, there is a lot of coffee which is not loaded because people are waiting for a better market.

TADESSE MESKELA [English with subtitles]: Now we are heading to the coffee area of Kilenso Mokonisa which produces Sidamo type of coffee. All the coffee from this area goes to the western world for consumption. We export it to Europe and we export it to America and Australia from this co-operative. So, I'm visiting the farmers to see how they are planting and how they are managing their coffee fields.

FARMER [foreign language with subtitles]: Our problem is, when our coffee ripens and is ready for sale, a man comes to our farm and says to us, "I will take your coffee and pay you 0.75 birr ($0.08) for a kilo". There's no negotiation, one person decides to buy our coffee for 0.75 birr ($0.08). We have no up-to-date price information, and one person controls the market. When our coffee is ready, please take it at the right market price.

TADESSE MESKELA [foreign language with subtitles]: I want to say something about this. You know that your co-operative buys coffee from you and supplies to the union. The Union sells the coffee and gives the profit to the co-operative, and then the co-operative pays you dividends.

TADESSE MESKELA [foreign language with subtitles]: The union is ready to look for a better market, to sell the coffee for a better price and return to you the profit. So please do your best to supply quality washed coffee to your co-operative.

ROSA [foreign language with subtitles]: I'm proud of him. I thank God for giving him to me. He earned what he has got through relentless effort. He works day and night. He loves his farmers and defends their rights. He really loves the farmers. I'm happy because he does this. Why should the Ethiopian farmer toil in their bare feet? He wants them to afford a pair of shoes, to be well off. He asks why they still live in poverty when they're producing coffee. He is always pre-occupied with the farmers' poverty. He was planning to broaden his activities and God helped him get his dream job.

TADESSE MESKELA [English with subtitles]: My wife is interested in having cows to have milk for our family. I also like to have them because I used to take care of animals when I was very small. Until my age of 18, until I finished my high school and joined university. I used to help my family on the farms taking care of animals, farming, ploughing and digging and so on. So, I don't want to lose that spirit.

BARISTA (Italian with subtitles): Coffee is the first thing for Italians in the morning. Good morning - smile - coffee. Coffee gives you a head start to the day. Without it we are all miserable. Coffee depends on the Barista. Baristas should take more care of their coffee. It's very important. Very few Baristas know how to make proper coffee. Coffee is of fundamental importance because every coffee has its customer and every customer has their coffee. So it's very important. It seems easy to make a coffee until you actually get behind the bar and do it yourself. It's very important to take care over it. You have to have passion for the coffee, to nurture it. A macchiato for you.

TADESSE MESKELA [English with subtitles]: There are middlemen here. There are coffee collectors, coffee suppliers, coffee exporters who are bidding for the coffee. The coffee exporters are on the right side and this big volume on the other side are coffee suppliers who are bringing coffee from different coffee growing zones and regions in Ethiopia. The big multinationals have offices here. For example, Taloca is buying for Kraft Food and Volcafé Speciality is buying for Nestle and also Starbucks. And there are also other big buyers in Europe like Dallmayr who is based in Germany, buying for different roasters around the world. The auction price is mainly based on the New York 'C' market. If New York is down by 5 cents today, the coffee exporters are going to buy the coffee for 5 cents down today. Once the coffee is bought from here, the coffee buyers or the coffee exporters are going to unload the coffee at the warehouse and they process it and sell to their buyers abroad. And after that the buyer is going to distribute this coffee to roasters and the roasters are going to buy this coffee, and the roasters, again, roast the coffee and sell to retailers and cafes.

FABIANA POZAR [Italian with subtitles]: We buy our coffee from most of the countries that produce good quality coffee, but Arabica coffee, not Robusta coffee. We don't use Robusta coffee in our blend. The aroma is of inferior quality and has more caffeine. So we don't use it for our blend.

TADESSE MESKELA [English with subtitles]: They are picking coffee. The workers here are getting 4 birr and 50 cents, which is less than half a dollar a day. They work 8 hours, a full 8 hours, and they are getting half a dollar a day. You can see how, they are very busy. They are working by their two hands picking poor quality coffees

TADESSE MESKELA [English with subtitles]: These are the coffees which are sold to buyers and roasters around the world and roasted at their companies. These are the coffees which are roasted in the UK by Asda. These are the coffees which are roasted in Minneapolis by a company called Peace Coffee, and there are also a lot of coffees which are just sold around the world in these 5 years after the formation of our Union. Our main aim is to bring more money into the coffee growers' pocket. This is our general area and to improve the farmer's life.

TADESSE MESKELA [English with subtitles]: We asked our farmers how much do they need for their red cherries, a kilo of red cherries which we are paying a maximum of 2 Ethiopian birr ($0.22) at this time. And they said, to make us live a better life, to send our children to school, to feed enough and have good clothing and a good life we need for a kilo of red cherry 10 birr ($1.10) which is the price which they are getting for their red cherry - last year had been 1 birr ($0.11) what they are need at this time to improve their life is 10 fold. It doesn't mean better life means having a car, having electricity or having a motorbike or... it doesn't that, At least to feed his family with nutritious food, to have clean water and to have clean clothes, and send his children to school.

FARMER [foreign language with subtitles]: Oh God of truth, God of heaven and earth, maker of everything who created this beautiful land. Help us farmers to get more from our green land. Help us to change our lives, get rid of poverty, build better houses to live in, satisfy our needs, educate our children and improve our lives.

BURTE ARBA [foreign language with subtitles]: I have been a coffee farmer for about twenty years. Our livelihood is based on coffee. It takes four years for the coffee tree to grow to its full size. In its 5th year it begins producing proper beans and that's when it becomes useful to us. Since the price of coffee has fallen drastically I have not been getting a fair reward for my years of work. We would soar high above the sky if we got 5 birr ($0.57) for a kilo of coffee, forget 20 or 10 birr, I say 5 birr ($0.57) would change our lives beyond recognition. Fifteen people and a little baby you see here live in this house. My son who is married is still staying with us, because he could not build a house of his own. If it was not for poverty, all my children would be at school.

BURTE ARBA'S FIRST SON [foreign language with subtitles]: It is almost five years since I stopped going to school, but if I get the opportunity, I'll go back. I want to send my children to school. I am willing to do anything to help them to go to school. I do not want them to miss out like I did.

BURTE ARBA'S YOUNGER SON [foreign language with subtitles]: If you ask me why I don't want to become a coffee farmer, my grandfather who was a coffee farmer got minimal reward for his work. My father who toils until his back breaks can't get a fair price for his coffee and generate sufficient cash to meet the demands of his family. It has trapped him in the hardships of life. And me also.

BURTE ARBA'S YOUNGER SON [foreign language with subtitles]: In the future, if I manage to get the resources and my father is in a position to support me, I wish to get further education, to have a better life and serve my country and people. If I succeed in getting the necessary qualifications, I would like to be a doctor but I am willing to do any job, like being a driver or anything, but that's in the hands of God. ALEMAYEHU ABRAHIM [foreign language with subtitles]: It has been twenty years since the formation of this school but it is getting weaker and weaker. The economy of the community is based on coffee production - nothing else. Since the fall of the coffee price people are not able to survive and the community as a whole does not have any money to help with the development of the school. 041b061a72


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