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Manusmriti In Telugu Pdf Free Download

the first section of the manusmriti is called the atharvaveda or the science of the vedas. this section, which deals with religious rituals, is called the dharma shastra. the second section is called the arthashastra and this is where the author gives good insights to the study of materialism and economics, and the science of government. the third section, called the chandrashastra, is also very interesting and is where the author deals with the study of marriage and domestic relations, and the science of love.

manusmriti in telugu pdf free download

the manusmriti was written more than 2500 years ago and it is a treasure trove of wisdom. now it is time to make the treasure available to all. the manusmriti is very interesting as it depicts many incidents, which happened in india during that period.

manusmriti is the ancient indian sacred text which is the major source for hindus for the spiritual world. this sanskrit text that the supreme being has revealed to the manusmriti is an ancient document that has provided the foundation for hindu beliefs and religious practices. it is called as the first constitution of mankind. this sanskrit text which is written in verse form is a code of conduct for the people. the manusmriti is a sacred text that is deeply rooted in the hindu religious tradition. many hindus believe that this text is the word of god and a manusmriti is accepted by as a sacred text.

the manusmriti is the sacred scripture of manu, the second of the three world systems. the origin of manusmriti dates back to the vedic period; its latest form dates back to the twelfth century a.d. the earliest form of the manusmriti was written by the sage manu, and it is a long version of the yajurveda. the text was first translated into english by edward washburn hopkins (1879) and has been translated into many indian languages, including bengali, tamil, and telugu. the manusmriti is also translated into persian and arabic.


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