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CarX Street: Explore, Drift, and Speed in the Enormous Open World on the App Store

CarX Street: A Review of the Open World Street Racing Game

If you are looking for a realistic and immersive street racing game for your mobile device, you might want to check out CarX Street. This game is developed by CarX Technologies, the makers of CarX Drift Racing 2, and it offers a dynamic open world of late-night street racing. You can drive at top speed or drift through turns, join clubs, defeat bosses, customize your car, and compete with real people in online battles. In this article, we will review the features, gameplay, graphics, and pros and cons of CarX Street.

Features of CarX Street

CarX Street has many features that make it an exciting and addictive street racing game. Here are some of them:

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  • Career mode: You can choose to drive at top speed or drift through turns in different race modes. You can also join clubs, defeat bosses, and prove to everyone that you are the best driver in Sunset City.

  • Improved car tuning: You can pick out parts for your vehicle and unlock 100% of its potential. You can upgrade the engine, transmission, body, suspension, and tires. You can also swap the engine of your unique car.

  • Visual car tuning: You can customize the mirrors, headlights, lights, skirt, bumper, rims, and much more. You can create a unique look for your car.

  • Real-time multiplayer: You can compete with real people in online battles. You can be first and win all the races in Sunset City.

  • Dynamic day/night change: You can get behind the wheel at any time of night or day. The game has a realistic day/night cycle that affects the gameplay and the atmosphere.

  • Huge open world: You can explore every corner of the enormous world of CarX Street. You can drift down narrow streets or speed highways and discover new performance edges of your car.

  • Fuel up system: You can fuel up with the right gas for the next race at city gas stations. The game has a realistic fuel consumption system that adds to the challenge and the realism.

  • Collection system: You can buy houses for your cars and assemble collections for every race mode. The game has a variety of cars that you can collect and customize.

Gameplay of CarX Street

The gameplay of CarX Street is realistic and fun. You can control your car with simple touch or tilt controls. You can also adjust the sensitivity and the steering assist options to suit your preference. The game has a smooth and responsive physics engine that makes you feel like you are driving a real car. The game also has a damage system that affects your car's performance and appearance.

The game has different race modes that you can choose from. You can race against other drivers in career mode or online mode. You can also drift through turns in drift mode or challenge yourself in time trial mode. The game has various tracks that have different layouts, terrains, and weather conditions. The game also has different difficulty levels that you can adjust according to your skill level.

Graphics of CarX Street

The graphics of CarX Street are impressive and high-quality. The game has a modern and stylized-realistic art style that creates a vibrant and immersive world. The game has detailed and realistic car models that you can customize with different parts and colors. The game also has stunning lighting and shadow effects that enhance the mood and the realism. The game also has smooth animations and particle effects that add to the excitement and the immersion.

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Pros and Cons of CarX Street

CarX Street is not a perfect game. It has some pros and cons that you should consider before downloading it. Here are some of them:



- Realistic and - Realistic and fun gameplay - Impressive and high-quality graphics - Dynamic and immersive open world - Variety of cars and customization options - Online multiplayer mode

- Requires a lot of storage space and battery power - May have some bugs and glitches - May have some ads and in-app purchases - May have some lag and connection issues - May have some unfair or cheating players online


CarX Street is a great street racing game for mobile devices. It has realistic and fun gameplay, impressive and high-quality graphics, dynamic and immersive open world, variety of cars and customization options, and online multiplayer mode. It also has some cons, such as requiring a lot of storage space and battery power, having some bugs and glitches, having some ads and in-app purchases, having some lag and connection issues, and having some unfair or cheating players online. However, these cons are not enough to overshadow the pros of the game. If you are a fan of street racing games, you should definitely give CarX Street a try.


Q: How can I download CarX Street?

A: You can download CarX Street from the App Store or the Google Play Store. The game is free to download, but it may have some in-app purchases.

Q: What are the minimum requirements to play CarX Street?

A: According to the developers, the minimum requirements to play CarX Street are: Android 6.0 or higher, 4 GB of RAM, 2 GB of free storage space, and a stable internet connection. For iOS devices, the minimum requirements are: iOS 11.0 or higher, iPhone 6s or higher, iPad Air 2 or higher, iPad mini 4 or higher, iPad Pro or higher, iPod touch (7th generation) or higher, and a stable internet connection.

Q: How can I contact the developers of CarX Street?

A: You can contact the developers of CarX Street by sending an email to You can also follow them on their social media accounts: Facebook (CarX Technologies), Instagram (@carx_technologies), Twitter (@CarxTech), YouTube (CarX Technologies), Discord (CarX Technologies), and Reddit (r/CarXTech).

Q: How can I get more coins and cash in CarX Street?

A: You can get more coins and cash in CarX Street by completing races, missions, achievements, daily tasks, and events. You can also watch ads or buy them with real money.

Q: How can I join a club in CarX Street?

A: You can join a club in CarX Street by tapping on the club icon on the main menu. You can either create your own club or join an existing one. You can also search for clubs by name or ID. Joining a club will allow you to chat with other members, participate in club races, earn club points, and get club rewards.


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