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Dragon City ? Hack The Heroic Race In 6 Minutes

Chinese folk religion is a set of worship traditions of the ethnic deities of the Han people. It involves the worship of various extraordinary figures in Chinese mythology and history, heroic personnel such as Guan Yu and Qu Yuan, mythological creatures such as the Chinese dragon or family, clan and national ancestors. These practices vary from region to region and do not characterize an organized religion, though many traditional Chinese holidays such as the Duanwu (or Dragon Boat) Festival, Qingming Festival, Zhongyuan Festival and the Mid-Autumn Festival come from the most popular of these traditions.

Dragon City – Hack The heroic race in 6 minutes

Eragon composed a poem to present at the Blood-Oath Celebration, a traditional Elvish ceremony taking place every hundred years to commemorate the pact between the Elves and the Dragons. During the festivities, as a gift from the dragon race, Eragon was completely healed of every wound. Also, he was physically transformed, acquiring the features and abilities of an elf. Only after this transformation was he able to beat Vanir in a duel and earn his respect. Because of his new prowess, Eragon was able to cast much more powerful magic. His vision, strength and speed were all greatly increased and he was now as healthy as the fittest elf in Alagaësia. He still needed to obtain better balance and grace.

Eragon and Saphira arrived just in time to save Arya and Blödhgarm, open the gates, as well as attack the city of Feinster. The Varden stormed through the streets of the city but took prisoners wherever possible. Once they reached the tower, they discovered three spellcasters who were creating a Shade. They hacked through the magician's wards one by one, but were too late. The man they were summoning the spirits into became an extremely powerful Shade named Varaug. However, aided by a mental onslaught from Eragon, Arya thrust her sword into his heart, killing him. Meanwhile, through Glaedr's heart of hearts, Eragon was able to see the fates of Oromis and Glaedr. Galbatorix possessed Murtagh and murdered Oromis, allowing Thorn to kill Glaedr. Both Eragon and Saphira mourned for the immense loss and vowed to keep Glaedr's Eldunarí safe.

Near Teirm, rather than taking a longer and safer route, Saphira chose to take them all through a storm to get to the island. After finally breaking through, Eragon discovered from high up in the sky that the earth was round. The trio finally made it to Vroengard and discovered much history from the ruined buildings of the city to the bones of many dragons. They also encountered the dangerous (yet surprisingly delicious when edible) Snalglí, as well as finding that the island had changed much due to the deep magic running throughout.

Eragon's final journeys took him to one of the secret villages of the Urgals, where he revealed to their council a further unification of all the races by including Urgals and dwarves (having already gotten Orik's blessing) in the pact between dragons to allow them to become Riders; the Urgals agreed to this proposal. Arya treated Eragon and his family warmly in Ellesméra. While everyone feasted with the elves, Eragon secretly healed Sloan's eyes so he could see his daughter Katrina, Roran, and Ismira, giving happiness and peace in Sloan's heart and mind. Eragon also saw to the planned change in the pact with the dragons and had the Urgals and dwarves added to the deep magic.


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