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Simatic Cfc V7.1: Compatibility, Installation, and Licensing Issues and Solutions

downloads are free for all users and can be performed on any plc. there are several ways to download a hardware configuration. the first and most straightforward way to download a hardware configuration is to perform the download from a plc operating system disk. this allows the user to download the configuration from a disk containing an sdb. the other way of downloading a hardware configuration from a disk is to use our hosted service. to perform a hosted system download, an sdb is the required. the hosted download is performed by a web browser. the download will succeed on any plc regardless of previous hardware configuration settings. on the first time the download is performed, there will be a default name and software configuration.

Simatic Cfc V7.1 Download --

we have a new sdk called 7.1. the sdk is updated for cfc 7. the sdk includes the version number for cfc 7. if you are upgrading an existing system, you need to download the 7.1 sdk. the 7.1 sdk is found in the downloads section of the siemens website. this is file and not an application download. in the list of components you will find a download this file. if you are starting with a new system, there is no need to download the sdk. just download the 7.1 software.

over time i have been experimenting with the simatic step7 software. it runs on the s7-300 and s7-400 automation controllers. the software runs on windows vista and windows 7. you can download the software free of charge from here:

simatic step 7 (tia portal) provides powerful programming editors for programming simatic s7 controllers. these editors offer functions such as drag & drop, project-wide cross-reference lists, auto complete, etc., and enable the efficient creation of user programs.


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