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Robert Yates
Robert Yates

Kodi 17.6 Download October 2018 !NEW!

i just bought the 96+ pro with 3gb 32 gb memory, and KDMC is loaded on but only 17.4. no matter what i do it will not allow me to upgrade to 17.6. i have tried downloading it from playstore, but it says it is already installed. why wont it allow me to upgrade it? is it because it is in KDMC format and not Kodi?

Kodi 17.6 Download October 2018

ok so when i look to see what version of kodi i have it saya 16.1.. , but if i gomto play store to download 17.1 it says uninstall or open .. just a little lost here exdus has quit and im hoping to get back going soon

i have a QBox device 5.1.1 and kodi 16.1. Tryed to update to kodi 17.1 but none of the downloads work, Ive tried Google Play (device not supported) ARMV7A 32bit (wouldnt install) AEMV8a 64bit (wouldnt install) X86 (wouldnt install).I still have kodi 16.1 installed on the device, do I need to uninstall first?

Hi the only way you can install the new version you have to delete kodi 16.0 or 16.1 which ever you have and then download the new version of kodi 17.1 you will get error saying app not install because you need to delete the older version of kodi unorder to install the new version

November 15th: The team has pushed Kodi 17.6 of Kodi to their website and supported online app stores. 17.6 has been announced as the very last version of Kodi Krypton, which released back in February of 2017. The development team is officially turning its focus on to Kodi 18 Leia, which should be released in 2018 sometime.


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