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Tropico 5 Pc Game Torrent |VERIFIED|

Tropico 5 - a game in the genre of economic / urban simulator. Very exciting, interesting game with humor. This part of the series translates the game into a dynasty - a new fascinating trend. The game received new gameplay features, models, textures and all other materials and graphics made from scratch specifically for Tropico 5. By tradition, you play the role of El President, who will lead the lost somewhere in the far edges of the island of Tropico. It all starts in colonial times. You have to spend through the centuries to spend the island and its people to the top of development. On this path you will encounter many difficulties that you, as El Presidents, should overcome with dignity: the ever changing needs of the population, the interests of other governments and countries. Your activity will start a new dynasty. Your people will come to power: ambassadors, commanders, supreme ruler - they will all act on your side. However, as the island develops, its welfare will be threatened with increasing danger. You will experience two world wars, recover after the Great Depression. Passing through the centuries from the XIX to the XXI century you will prove that you are able to rule an entire state and not only to rule, but also to elevate it above others, bringing your people to prosperity and prosperity. The game provides a multi-player game mode.

Tropico 5 pc game torrent

Features:- Begin to lead Tropico to prosperity in the XIX century and, having created a whole dynasty of rulers, bring to the end to the XXI century. The future of the island in the hands of El President!- El President has a big family. Each member of this family lives on the island and you can appoint him to a leadership position, improve his skills and experience.- Develop trade with the help of the merchant fleet. Protect import-export trade routes. What is hidden behind the fog of war? Send experts to explore the island to find deposits of minerals and ores, but be careful: the island is home to wild tribes and aggressive animals.- New graphics. The design of the game was created from scratch, so that the buildings (more than 100 for each era) of Tropico 5 fully corresponded to historical reality.- Game modes: cooperative and competitive multiplayer. Support for up to four players who can build cities and economies on submitted maps of cities. They can also share resources and populations with each other or declare war.

1. Mount ISO Image with DaemonToolsLite and install the game2. Copy content of the folder "TiNYiSO" to the installed games directory (with replace)3. PlayChange Language in Launcher.exe

The game Tropico 5 is another project of the popular series of city-building simulators, where you get back into your possession of a small island with an indigenous population. You have to do everything possible to lead your people to wealth and prosperity, building all kinds of buildings and developing the local economy.

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Tropico 5: Complete Collection contains the base game, Tropico 5, and the following DLC: Map Pack, T-Day, The Supercomputer, Espionage, Inquisition, Supervillain, Gone Green, Surfs Up!, Waterborne, Joint Venture, Generalissimo, Mad World, The Big Cheese

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