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Buy Small Wooden Spoons

Handmade wood cook spoons are crafted with utility and balance in mind. Solid, natural wood woods are preferred because of their durability, beauty, and safety. Our wood spoons and spoon sets are carved from Maple, Walnut, Cherry, and Olive Wood for Eco-friendly kitchen gifts for the cook. Wood is the safe alternative to plastic for the natural kitchen. Many of our best-selling wood utensils are also available for left-handed cooks. Ten reasons why your next cooking spoons should be wood!

buy small wooden spoons

The complete wood spoon and wooden spatula set are kitchen essentials when you're cooking with non-stick pots and pans. Features 6 smartly crafted all-purpose wood utensils. Set includes our hard-to-find 14"...

Wood utensil holder is large enough to hold your kitchen spoons, spatulas, tools, even your wooden pancake flipper within easy reach. Farmhouse kitchen or mid-century decor, this counter organizer neatly...

Quantity: Wooden spoons have long been an essential part of any kitchen. We've got all your needs covered with this set of 3 sizes of wood spoons. The large wooden spoon is prefect for stirring a large pot of stew, the medium spoon is just right for mixing up your favorite batch of cookie dough, and the small wooden spoon will be great for stirring oatmeal. Made from solid sustainably harvested beechwood, there is no risk of contaminating your food with glues, chemicals, tastes or smells. You can also be secure knowing that this product meets all European Union standards and is manufactured in a small factory in Poland.

Hand-carved in Tennessee, these mini spice spoons are used to "sprinkle" spices, instead of shaking jars over steaming foods. Perfectly sized for the opening of our small spice jars, each one is as unique as a snowflake.

This solid beechwood spoon comes in different styles, shapes, and sizes, such as a reamer, slotted spoon, saute paddle, and corner spoon, to accommodate a variety of cooking needs. Gently hand-wash this wooden spoon in soapy water after use, let it dry naturally, and get ready to eagerly use it again for your next meal.

This all-in-one, six-piece wooden spoon set has everything you need to prepare, serve, and enjoy a home-cooked meal. Use a flat-edge wooden spoon to flip your favorite omelet and a wooden spatula to stir your rice. This multifunctional wooden spoon set is even made of all-organic, non-stick bamboo wood to shield your pots and pans from damage. You can even use these wooden spoons to rub off food debris without fear of them picking up an odor or becoming stained.

Stir pasta, sauces, soups, and more with ease with these wooden spoons that will resist scratching your most premium pots and pans. This wooden spoon set is also great to give as a gift, such as for a couple at their wedding or as a housewarming gift for a new homeowner.

These lovely, Phoebe Namnu Wood spoons are even made with a natural plant oil glaze that is environmentally friendly. In addition, they have a silky-smooth texture with an attractive graining pattern. Place them on your countertop to show off their beautiful design.

Set up a station to serve taco fixings, stir coffee or tea, scoop chocolate-chip cream, and much more with this beautiful six-piece set of wooden spoons, which are six inches in length with a 1.2-inch spoon length. Made of premium, natural schima superba wood, these smooth, shiny spoons are a great addition to any kitchen.

To begin, cut some green wood or ask a neighbor or arborist for green wood cuttings. The reason you want green wood versus dry wood is it carves SO much easier. Trust me on this, you want that! We cut some sections out of small trees we were cutting down to thin our woods. These were ash trees but you can carve spoons out of tons of different trees. My husband then split the pieces open and we drew a pattern on the pieces. Pattern pieces are available online, or just copy a favorite spoon of your own. 041b061a72


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