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Robert Yates
Robert Yates

KC The Sunshine Band - Get Down Tonight ( With

"There was no band. When I started out making the records, it was just pretty much me and studio musicians. I ended up taking the studio people with me as the Sunshine Band. That's how it's been through my whole career, actually.

KC The Sunshine Band - Get Down Tonight ( with

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......."It is a guitar we slowed the tape down ... good luck with your band and your musi however it cna be played on a keyboard as that is what we use in concert......Thanks for asking have a great day KC...."

I always think of disco as that four-on-the-floor beat with the ever-present hi-hat, and the octave bass line that became so cliche. KC and the Sunshine Band's rhythms were always a little more creative than that (at least what I heard of them). Same with the Bee Gees. They were making danceable music that was club-friendly, and because of the time (and thanks to "Saturday Night Fever"), was lumped in with "disco". But their tracks were actually very unique, and sounded unlike anything else at the time. Unfortunately, when "disco" went down, they went down with it, which was a bit of a shame, 'cause they made some good records.

You don't have to make an effort to create a great final mix, like in the case with another kinds of backing tracks, but you don't have a technical opportunity to extract something from the mix finalized. We can say that the original backing track is closed for transformation. One bad move can destroy a whole mixdown! Sometimes there could be a few different versions of the original phonogram: with or without backing vocal. To find such a recording is a piece of good luck!

Casey, better known as KC, is the front man of KC and the Sunshine Band, and with the exception of a decade long retirement from the mid-80s to the mid-90s, KC has been getting down tonight and just about every other night.

"I got a couple of the girls that had been background singers with me," Casey said. "We did a few little dates and tested the waters. Then I decided that I was really enjoying it and I put a band together."

"Get Down Tonight" by KC & The Sunshine Band is one of the most recognized songs of the 70's. Reaching the #1 spot when it was originally released, "Get Down Tonight" is still popular today with people from all over getting down to its timeless disco grooves. For more information on KC & The Sunshine Band, check out 041b061a72


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