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Robert Yates
Robert Yates

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Tip: aside of Universal Extractor the .exe (Linux_Reader-v3.4.exe) can also be extracted with 7Zip, a portable version being availabe on this site, 7-ZipPortable.exe. Also note that Linux_Reader v3.4 does not have a sub folder $INSTDIR anymore: LinuxReader.exe/LinuxReader64.exe can be found the base folder.

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I try this tool, but it not works for me, until I recognize that I am fool. Reason is that I have Suse Linux which is on ReiserFS partition. So if someone need aplication to copy files from Suse, he can use this it seems to not write to registry - probably well portable.

Remember you have to open the .exe with a packer like 7zip.The Program works fine, it instantly recognized my ext drives and lets me read-access them, 2MB small and tidy -- i like it.Running it the first time created a tiny registry entry (only a run entry) on my pc, (can be found searching for "diskinternals" e.g.), so i removed that one and tried again - it still worked perfectly and no new entry was created, so it must have been my fault.Nice portable application :)


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