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How To Install Quicktime Player For Mac On My Desktop

One of the reasons why QuickTime not available PowerPoint 2010 issue may arise is because your computer uses the 32-bit version of PowerPoint 2010. This version can only play MP4 and MOV files only if apple QuickTime player for windows is installed on the computer.

How To Install Quicktime Player For Mac On My Desktop

Each Mac OS X version has a different version of QT embedded structure, and each one only supports playing a small number of video & audio codecs to be compatible with that operating system. In Mac OS X v10.6 and newer, since the QuickTime X (QT Player v10.x) AVFoundation playback structure no longer posses an open codec architecture for 3rd party plugins or components installation, you can't drop AVI files that aren't encoded as Mjpeg video with PCM onto QuickTime X player for direct playback. In that case, you need to install an older version of QuickTime 7 or similar software to be able to use 3rd party codec plugins to play the .avi and other non-Mac files.

While most Mac users know QuickTime Player as a video player, it also functions as a great screen recorder. The app comes pre-installed on most Mac devices, however you can always download it online.

QuickTime player is an easy method to screen mirror iPhone to MacBook. This versatile app is pre-installed on every Mac and allows users to play their favorite movies on Mac, record screen videos, and convert audio and video files quite easily. Now, to do all these, you will absolutely need a USB cable.

While QuickTime player screen recording has impressive features that let you record your screen, it has many limitations. If you want a good alternative, install EaseUS RecExperts. It is packed with advanced features to improve your screen recording abilities.

Macintosh: Macintosh OSX users should make sure they have installed Quicktime 7 Player. The latest Macintosh computers with OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard or OSX 10.7 Lion use something called the Quicktime X Player. You will have to install the Quicktime 7 player manually. If you are unsure which Macintosh operating system version you are using, click the Apple icon in the upper left corner and select "About This Mac." You should see the version number in the window that opens. If it says "10.6.x" (the last digit will vary) you have Snow Leopard. If it says "10.7.x" (the last digit will vary) you have Lion. See the next section for the steps to install Quicktime 7 alongside Quicktime X on Snow Leopard- or Lion-based Macintosh systems.

QuickTime codecs for Windows are based mainly in Apple's QuickTime component included in QuickTime player. QuickTime player component will install also compatible web browser plugin in order to support such content when surfing Internet.There's also a bunch of commercial codecs (i.e. the ones from Calibrated Software) that would allow to view and decode several formats like XDCAM or AVC Intra (among others).Installation of such bundles typically consist in the execution of an Installer that would place the needed files inside your Windows System folder.


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