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Robert Yates
Robert Yates

Beaglebone Buy

I found @jadon Jason Kridner github beaglbone-blue repository with Eagle files. Then found a fork that is probably more authorities as it seems to have several newer changes, and well Beagleboard :-). beagleboard / beaglebone-blue

beaglebone buy

I bought beaglebone black 2 months back and it was working fine for one month after then I got busy in some work and didn't use it for a month and now when I try to connect it with my computer its not detected, not even when I do dmesg

Does anyone have any idea how to fix that? I researched on Google and some people are saying beaglebone's connector is loose but I am not that hardware guy who can fix it plus I can't afford to buy new beaglebone because I am a student.

Hello,I looked everywhere to buy the S100, but could not find a seller who is ready to import it to India. Instead, I am looking forward to buy the mobius action cam from public labs itself. I will mounting the cam on my drone based on beaglebone - (Great project). 041b061a72


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