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Robert Yates
Robert Yates

La Carrera Del Oso (Running Bear)

A bear works on a mechanical diorama that depicts a bear family - himself, a female bear, and a child bear. He carries the figures of the mother and child and looks into an empty child's room before having tea in his kitchen. As he checks the time, the bear puts the two figures into the diorama and cycles out to the village square. He sets up his diorama and announces his business by ringing a bell. A bear child notices him and, after receiving a coin from his father, runs to see the diorama.

La Carrera del Oso (Running Bear)


The diorama shows the bear's life, starting with himself, his wife, and his child living happily together in an apartment. When a circus arrives, militant-looking figures wielding batons violently subdue and capture animal residents. The bear protects his family but is beaten and taken away. In the circus, he is forced to ride a small bicycle and is kept locked and chained in a cage. As other tricks are added to his act, such as juggling and riding a unicycle, he is required to perform a daredevil jump. Still thinking of his family, the bear performs the jump so well he flies out of the circus tent, escaping captivity and returning home. Weeping at the sight of his wrecked home, the bear's wife and child appear and hug him.

The diorama ends and the child gives the bear a coin, receiving a pinwheel from him before rushing off to return to their parent. The bear watches them go, glancing at the photograph of his family that he keeps in his pocket watch. He then rings his bell again.[7]

It was constructed between 1777 and 1782 by Francisco Gutiérrez (goddess and carriage), Roberto Michel (lions) and decorator Miguel Ximénez. Originally, not only was the fountain ornamental but its spouts also supplied water to the public and to water sellers. Two of these spouts, a bear and a griffin (a sort of dragon), are part of the collection at San Isidro Museum.

The rooftop of Círculo de Bellas Artes offers a panoramic view of the beginning of Gran Vía avenue, at the junction with Calle de Alcalá where the Metrópolis Building is located. Its most characteristic feature is its slate dome with golden embellishments. There was originally an allegorical bronze statue on top of the dome that paid tribute to the Phoenix. Above the bird, with his arm raised high, flew Ganymede, a handsome Trojan prince who was abducted by Zeus to serve as cup-bearer to the gods.

Jack Lemmon nunca nun interpretó héroes de la historia americana. Pero nuna carrera qu'algama cinco décades, Lemmon foi conocíu polos sos intensos retratos d'una completa variedá de personaxes non heroicos.

Por qué debe ser el rey del cuadrangular: Alonso ha participado en dos Derby de Cuadrangulares durante su carrera en la MLB y dos veces terminó la noche como campeón, y dos veces ganó un premio de $1 millón por sus esfuerzos. 041b061a72


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