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Buy Shower Fixtures

Only Moen can provide true peace of mind from water leaks and damage in your home, help you whip up your favorite recipes with precision, and enhance your everyday routines with showers customized for you. Seamlessly integrate connected water into your home to control each and every drop.

buy shower fixtures

A shower system includes the essentials of your showering experience: the shower head or faucet, as well as the diverter or thermostatic controls to determine flow and temperature. Those are pretty standard and expected, but in addition to something like a raincan shower head, a shower system can also include a separate hand shower, body sprays, or individual controls for water volume and temperature for multiple water outlets.

Whether you buy the fixtures individually, opt for a shower panel, or buy a fully outfitted shower system package ready to go, the basic pieces will be the same. The variety will be in how you incorporate them into your bathroom design.

When you want a new look to your shower without all the work of a remodel, a shower panel is an attractive option. These models have all the familiar functionality of a shower, complete with body sprays and a handshower, and are easy to install. Some models even offer the bonus of allowing you better water pressure and temperature controls without the expense of a updating your home plumbing system.

A shower panel mounts to the shower wall and connects to the usual shower arm and control valve pipes. The water is then directed to the body spray, hand shower, or rain shower outlets from within the panel, rather than through the internal plumbing in the walls. These units also often have an additional water heater to allow for more specific temperature controls. These are usually compact, affordable, and can provide a custom shower system without the work of a full remodel.

The nice thing about bathroom fixtures is that they are durable and can be reinstalled. So if you already have some fixtures that you like, you can certainly keep them as you move through your remodel. What extra shower system pieces you may want can easily be supplemented without buying a full shower system package. Depending on the parts you want to assemble, it may even be cheaper. It does require doing your homework, however, and perhaps a bit more shopping than simply finding an all-in-one shower setup.

Water Outlets - The water outlets, also called shower fixtures, are where the water exits the shower system. There are a variety of different water outlets, with different ways to arrange them within the shower, it just depends on the installation design you choose.

Shower Heads - Shower heads mount to the wall or ceiling via a shower arm. These are the most basic requirement of a shower. Without some form of shower head, you likely just have a bathtub. Most shower heads feature different water pressure settings, from a simple rinsing, to a massaging action, or even mist options. Learn more about shower head features in our Shower Heads Buying Guide.

Hand Showers - Hand showers are connected to the water supply via a hose to allow more range of movement for the bather. The shower heads of hand showers usually offer various settings as well, from rinsing, to massage, or a centralized stream. They are great for washing in hard-to-reach places, as well as for the more household utilitarian chores, like washing the family pet.

Body Sprays - Body sprays are water outlets that are installed directly into the walls, with no shower arm or hoses. Their movement is restricted to directional pivots, so the water flow can be aimed in different directions at different pressure levels, such as for a massage spray pattern. They require plumbing to be routed to different areas, even different walls if necessary, to place the body sprays where they are designed to be used.

Drains - The drain should be large enough to effectively empty water from the shower floor without creating dangerous pooling. It will need to attach to the connecting drain pipe, so will likely be either 2 or 3 inches in size. The drain connection, however, is no limitation on the design. The grate cover can be round or circular, whichever the floor of the shower demands, whether tile or shower tray.

Many choose to move away from the obvious center drain grate and have chosen instead to install linear drains. Whether planning for a pitched tile floor, or a specifically-molded fiberglass shower tray, linear drains allow for faster draining time, as well as more personalized style. The long, narrow grates can be covered by ornately tooled metal, or they can virtually disappear with some that are designed to seamlessly match the surrounding tilework.

Diverter Valve - Diverter valves direct the water flow to the outlets, such as between a tub faucet and a shower head, or a shower head and body sprays. While a single volume control valve or thermostatic valve can only regulate the water going to a single shower outlet, a diverter valve can control up to two outlets at once.

Water Heater - A remodel is a great opportunity to update an old water heater. The water heater should ensure there is enough hot water for the entire home, including those indulgent hot showers. Make sure your water heater is healthy every year, with no rust or damage. When installing a new water heater, be sure to match the water heater flow rate with the flow rate of your system.

A shower faucet supplies your shower with water to clean your body. The This Old House Reviews Team has picked the best shower faucets on Amazon to suit a variety of bathrooms. Keep reading to learn more about them.

This luxury shower faucet features a rainfall head, a temperature display, multiple massage jets, and a handheld wand. On the side of the panel is a button to turn the blue LED lights on to illuminate the rain shower head and temperature display if you like the look or want better visibility.

Both the overhead and handheld shower heads in this system offer six spray patterns ranging from mist to massage. Included with your purchase is a three-way water diverter with an anti-swivel lock nut and an angle-adjustable overhead bracket to install the heads and use one or both of them at once.

Numerous reviews noted that this shower faucet was structurally sound, easy to install, and reasonably priced. Many customers were impressed with the careful packaging of each component and the beautiful look of all of the pieces together. On the other hand, displeased customers said that this shower faucet had poor water pressure and arrived with the wrong parts.

Many reviewers noted that this shower faucet was easy to install. They also loved its superior temperature control and beautiful design. In contrast, negative reviews noted that the hose was too long, causing it to frequently hit the shower wall.

This shower faucet includes a large rain shower head, a handheld shower head with an attached hose, and an adjustable handle. The components are made from a mix of stainless and brass, which can withstand high temperatures and pressures to provide you with years of showers. The only non-metal pieces are the silicone nozzles that pour water over your head with minimal mineral buildup.

Customers loved the affordable price point, high water pressure, and high-quality design of this shower faucet. Many also enjoyed using the handheld and rain shower heads at the same time. Negative reviews noted that the advertised dimensions were incorrect and that the valve made unsettling noises.

Shower water can range from low-pressure rainfall to targeted, high-pressure spray. Most shower heads offer between three and six adjustable spray patterns. If you have an overhead and handheld shower head combo, you can experience two different spray patterns at once.

Shower faucets have buttons, levers, or knobs that adjust the spray pattern and temperature of the water from their head. Buttons and knobs are usually attached to a control panel, while levers are attached to the shower head.

Shower Faucet: These consist of a shower head and a faucet handle trim. Types of showers that contain shower heads alone are not considered full faucets, but are used rather as replacement parts of the whole product.

Shower System: Shower systems are more complex types of showers with shower faucets, meaning they include multiple water outlets. These types of showers have outlets that can include body sprays, multiple standard shower heads, handheld shower heads, or slide bar shower heads. Body sprays, or jets, are options to consider for a more customized shower experience. Sprays can be placed on one or multiple walls within these types of showers, and sometimes they are incorporated directly into a shower panel. Body sprays use high pressure with jets to accomplish a massaging shower experience.

Shower Panel: Types of showers with these panels are also referred to as shower towers. Shower panels are an all-in-one solution intended to replace an existing setup. Installing a shower panel is much easier than the other configurations, as the rough-in valve is contained within the panel itself. All a customer needs to have prior to installing a shower panel is the hot and cold water supply lines, as they will be connecting the supply lines directly to the panel.

Handheld Shower Head: These can be taken off the wall and used by hand. Handheld shower heads are attached to the wall with a flexible hose and also lock into an upright position to work as standard adjustable shower heads. These types of showers are also called handshowers.

Rain Shower Head: Rain shower heads are wider than other options and are typically installed directly to the ceiling or the shower arm extends straight into the shower stall so the water falls straight down. Types of showers with this setup imitates the feel of rainfall. Rain shower heads are often low-flow, which means they use less water and are eco-friendly. 041b061a72


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