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Wyatt Reed
Wyatt Reed

Dark Of The Sun(1968) ((NEW))

Rod Taylor is at his most charismatic, brutish, and athletic in Dark of the Sun. While best known for his leads in The Time Machine (1960) and The Birds (1963), those roles were rather vanilla. Antihero Captain Curry offered the actor a darker role that better fit the roughhousing Aussie, and he leapt (literally) into it with everything he had. Football star turned actor, Jim Brown also shines with a couple of sincere speeches that allow him a rare opportunity to display some real acting chops. Kenneth More (as an alcoholic doctor) and Yvette Mimieux also provide excellent support during their limited screen time.

Dark of the Sun(1968)

File documents the design for a darkroom and workshop enclosure unit for U.S.T.S. [United States Technical Services?], possibly for a temporary location in Paris, [France?]. The design calls for the use of a prefabricated aluminum scaffolding system. Reference working drawings in the textual records show the Circle-Vision 360 Travelling Show by Walt Disney Productions for which Price's design may have been intended. Material in this file was produced in 1973. 041b061a72


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