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Robert Yates
Robert Yates

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as you can see from the figure above, the baseball was making a sound about 2 to 3 decibels louder than the other sounds in the game. to create the figure above, i calculated the average amplitude of each sound in the game, and converted that to decibels (in the figure, the line in the middle is the average of all the sounds in the game).

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the sound of the baseball was now clearly separated from other sounds. with the separation process complete, i was ready to create a composite audio file in which the ball was the only sound, and i could then measure the amplitude of the ball as a function of time.

the umpires voice is, of course, the only synchronized audio source throughout the baseball park. normally, it is piped throughout the ballpark over the public address system. but, for the first time, he can actually hear his voice coming from his own mic, which is located at the base of the umpires mask. the audio quality is surprisingly good and it is fairly easy to hear his words, even if hes shouting.

the current thinking about making the game safer for both players and umpires is to require that the bats be made of stronger materials, that is, with a higher ratio of wood to metal. this is called the f.i.s.t. (foreskin-in-the-shoulder-taper) rule, and is now widely accepted. were probably looking at 10 years before this becomes the rule. a rule change in 2005 will make the use of composite bats illegal in amateur and professional leagues. in fact, the new rule will make them illegal in all organized baseball, including the ncaa and high school.


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