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Fujitsu Scandall Pro V2.0 21: Features, Installation, and Usage

this means that the scanner that once cost over 1,000 euro with the correct software can now be had for less than half this cost. so if you were looking for a scanner upgrade option, this should be in your consideration.

Fujitsu Scandall Pro V2.0 21

Download Zip:

fujitsu has also taken the scansnap fi-6130z to the next level with kofax studio. users can now continue to use the fi-6130z as a document management solution alongside more sophisticated kofax studio applications. 

in the fi-6130z, users can now carry out an upgrade from version 5 to version 8 of kofax, providing the option of upgrading directly from version 5 to version 9, and version 10 of kofax, without the need for separate software versions.

kofax enterprise is for those users that have a special need for functions such as authentication and receipt printing. kofax studio enables the fi-6130z to be used alongside the pre-installed kofax enterprise version.

for oems using oem scanners (i.e., not retail scanners), im not sure this version will work with macos catalina, which has made some of us have to get mac pro scanners to continue to provide support. please let me know your insight.

operate the scanner in a secure environment. if you have a spa (scanner protocol access) card, include it in the shipment so the oem can upload their stuff securely. if you do not, are you confident with this scanner and your network security to upload your data over the internet?

scansnap pro is no longer being supported. if a scanner you purchased over 10 years ago is still running the scansnap pro software (v1.9), the only way to get it to work with catalina is to purchase the "newer" v2.0 version of the scandall pro scanner. v2.0 will "stay" compatible with catalina 10.15.2.


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