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Ezproxy Journal Library Medical Password User

EZproxy allows you to access library resources online, even if you are off campus. With EZproxy, you can use e-Books, e-Journals, and library databases remotely, signing into our secure network with your username and password.

ezproxy journal library medical password user

Remote Access allows off-campus users to access the Library's subscription-based electronic resources as if they were on the Medical Center network. Users may log in from the EZproxy login page, OR use the coded links on the Library Website ( -Library) - ALL subscription resources on the Library's website will prompt for the medctr username and password.

If you need to renew checked out items or place holds or requests in Library Search, most users will also authenticate with their University Credentials username and password. Some users, such as UCHealth hospital staff, will need to contact the library in order for us to enable access to the catalog. If you have any trouble logging in to Library Search, contact Access Services through AskUs or call the Service Desk at 303-724-2152.

When accessing library databases, journal articles, or e-books from off campus, you will be prompted to login using your Campbell network username and password on a "Proxy login" webpage.

To log in to the proxy server you need to enter your Campbell username and password. You do not need to enter the domain (i.e. or as part of your username. If you have any questions about your Campbell account you can contact IT Services Helpdesk at (910) 893-1208 for assistance, or e-mail them at

  • If you experience issues logging in, please try each of the following. Make sure you are using the same username and password that you use for Blackboard, minus the portion.

  • Reset your password if you cannot remember it.

  • Attempt to use a different browser. Sometimes the security settings in your current browser may be the issue.

  • Attempt to turn off browser firewalls; you may get a note that EZProxy is not being allowed to function

  • If you are experiencing problems using the proxy service, please call the Research Assistance Desk at (910) 893-1467 or contact us online.

If you are off-campus and try to access an electronic resource through the Library web site, WorldCat Local, or through the "McGill Library Full Text" links in Google Scholar, you will be asked to log in your McGill username and password before you can access the resource.

You don't have to do anything except click on the link to one of our online resources (online article, online book, etc.) from inside the library pages or library catalogue pages, and EZproxy kicks in automatically by showing you a popup box asking for your McGill username, then your McGill login and password. At this point you will be asked to authenticate using 2FA and will not be asked again for 60 days if you check the box "Don't request again for 60 days".

If you are not enrolled in 2FA and are using the traditional Shibboleth login (username and password), you only have to log in once as long as you keep your browser open and you access resources via the Library website, catalogues or subscribed databases. However, if you close your browser and open it again, you will have to log in again.

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