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Robert Yates
Robert Yates

David Tavare - Summer Love

There are some mistakes to correct in these lyrics:- "Remember summerlovesubmitted by ohohoz" has to be erased (it's not a part of the lyrics)- "when you showed met the way" -> when you showed me the way- "we'd always be together" -> we'll always be together (future tense, not conditional)- "chorus" has to be erased between the two "quiero ver" verses, before the "quiero oír" verse too- the last verse has to be erased (it's not present in David Tavaré's version).

David Tavare - Summer Love

Tavaré made his recording debut in 2006 with the song Summerlove (Na Na Hey), produced by Europop hitmaker Luis Rodríguez and Amadeus Crotti. The song topped the Spanish singles chart upon its release in summer 2006 and proved popular worldwide as well.

In the summer of 1981 Ian Botham provided me with better career guidance than any of the advisors Gayton High School in Harrow had previously employed. In a single month Botham against Kim Hughes' Australians convinced me I wanted to be a cricketer and instilled in me a love of the game and, in particular, of the Ashes. 041b061a72


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