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Best Buy Countertop Dishwasher

Reviewed's mission is to help you buy the best stuff and get the most out of what you already own. Our team of product experts thoroughly vet every product we recommend to help you cut through the clutter and find what you need.

best buy countertop dishwasher


This portable dishwasher has excellent cleaning performance, with stain removal comparable to some full-size dishwashers. The normal cycle time clocks in at about 100 minutes. You can also choose from eight different wash cycles: Heavy, Normal, BabyCare, Eco, Glass, Speed, Rinse, and Mini Party.

With an extra drying option, a digital display, and a sleek-looking exterior, the Danby DDW631SDB is a great compact countertop dishwasher that takes up a minimal space and can do the job right the first time.

This Black & Decker countertop dishwasher offers pretty comparable cleaning performance to the others on this list. In addition to the same six common cycles, the BCD6W has a 90-minute BabyCare cycle. Like the Magic Chef, the Black & Decker also has a 1- to 24-hour delay feature.

Portable dishwashers (left) are usually on wheels and sometimes have butcher block tops to add extra functionality in the kitchen. Countertop dishwasher (right) are considerably smaller, take up less space, and fit fewer dishes.

If your kitchen doesn't have a cutout for a standard 24-inch installed dishwasher, there are two alternatives to giving up and washing everything by hand: portable or countertop dishwashers. Make sure you know the difference when you're shopping.

Portable dishwashers have an inlet hose that screws onto the threading of your faucet, where the removable aerator would typically fit. If your faucet doesn't have threading at all, you may have some issues with installing countertop or portable dishwashers.

Examine your kitchen faucet carefully to ensure you can attach a hose to it before purchasing a portable or countertop dishwasher. In certain cases, you may be able to buy an adaptor for it. But in many cases your next best bet would be to replace the faucet with one that has threading.

And, although it may surprise you, dishwashers use far less water than you would by hand-washing your dishes, and smaller dishwashers (like portable and countertop models) tend to use less water than larger ones.

If you're environmentally or money conscious, the prospect of using less water and energy may be appealing to you. Be sure to check out the Energy Star rating for a dishwasher to give you an idea of what you can expect your utility bills to look like.

If you have a kitchen without a permanent dishwasher connection or you live in a rental but you still want an easy, convenient way to wash your dishes, portable dishwashers are a must have. They are portable, easy to move, and will wash and sanitize your dishes until they are sparkling clean.

A portable dishwasher is a dishwasher that can be moved around your kitchen. You can find portable dishwashers with wheels you can stow in a closet until you need it or you can choose a portable countertop dishwasher that sits on your counter.

Portable dishwashers are smaller and less expensive than built-in dishwashers. Because they connect to your sink when you need them, you can control the water pressure that flows to your dishwasher too.

While they are small in size, a portable countertop dishwasher or 18 inch portable dishwasher is incredibly efficient when it washes your dishes. This type of dishwasher will wash your dishes just as well as a built-in dishwasher.

Portable dishwashers have features like hard food disposers and adjustable tines on the top and bottom rack to allow for larger items. You can also access unique cycles like Sanitize to remove 99% of germs on your dishes, and many small portable dishwashers are Energy Star certified.

Similar to our Best Overall countertop dishwasher pick, we went back to Danby for this model. It sits at almost 22 inches wide and uses a combination of electronic and mechanical controls on its panel for those who are fans of plain push buttons. But even at this affordable price, it doesn't skimp on options. It offers six wash cycles from intense to soak plus a two-, four-, or eight-hour delay wash option and a high-temperature boost to do a better job on cookware or especially dirty items. Fold down cup shelves and a removable flatware basket add to its loading flexibility and a light on the control panel conveniently tells you when it's time to add more rinse aid.

The affordable price tag of this Black + Decker mini dishwasher combined with its stylish look (it could almost pass for a mini oven!) and high-end features made it a shoe-in for our best value pick. At 21.5 inches wide, it claims to hold six place settings and dinner plates up to 10 inches in diameter. There are seven wash programs from intensive to rapid to rinse only and even a 24-hour delay start option for you to load it up and run the cycle at a time when you're not using the kitchen. The detergent and rinse aid dispensers look and work just like those of full-size models and the child lock assures that little fingers can't accidentally start it. Though it is the largest dishwasher of our picks, with its curved stainless steel handle that can likely hold a dish towel and black glass window, it can blend seamlessly with the other appliances in your kitchen.

At only 52 decibels, this Magic Chef is the quietest countertop model we found, a real plus in small kitchens and tiny apartments. (For reference, other brands report decibel levels of 55 or higher and the quietest full-size dishwashers are usually around 40 decibels.) At almost 21 3/4 inches, this Magic Chef is among the deepest countertop models we recommend so be sure to measure accurately before you buy. But, it sports many of the amenities found on full-size appliances. A separate flatware basket and two flip down cup shelves help it hold up to six place settings. The six wash programs here include everything from intense wash to rinse only, plus there's a 24-hour delay wash option that adjusts in one-hour increments to better match the dishwasher's schedule to yours to keep noise to a minimum.

If you don't like the idea of permanently giving up precious counter space for a portable dishwasher, this mini machine from Farberware could be a great option. At just over 18 inches wide it has the smallest footprint of our picks and with its rounded corners and light weight could just be portable and easy enough to move out of way when you don't need or want it out. Keep in mind that it claims to accommodate only two place settings, so it's best for just one or two users. But what it lacks in size it makes up for in features. There are five wash programs, including one with a high-temperature sanitizing rinse, LED touch controls, a see-through door window, a child lock on the controls and a delay start option. A small fold down shelf holds flatware and cutlery instead of the regular basket. Detergent goes into a little well on the door, but it lacks a dispenser for rinse aid. There's also a dedicated cycle and a basket included for washing fresh fruit and a water tank that you can fill by hand to avoid the faucet connection.

Sunpentown, or SPT, isn't a brand we were familiar with but one with its roots in commercial cooking appliances that consumer reviewers rate highly. This mini dishwasher is simple to use with just three buttons and a row of cycle lights on its control panel. Inside, it offers the same rack configuration, flatware basket and cup shelves as the others, but if you do a lot of entertaining and need glassware and lightly soiled items in a hurry, this model fits the bill. With two speedy cycles (one 20 minutes and one 45 minutes) you'll always have wine goblets and appetizer plates ready for guests that need them. And, you'll be able to keep dirty dishes from piling up in the kitchen for less cleanup once guests go home. At 55 decibels, it's a bit louder than some but quieter than others, though consumer reviewers said they could barely hear it. It claims to hold six place settings, though one commenter wished it held larger dinner plates. 041b061a72


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