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Yoshida Style Ball Jointed Doll Making Guide Pdf

\"Nymphai Dolls\" are porcelain ball-jointed dolls sculpted, painted and assembled by hand, not using any digital designing methods or 3D printing techniques. Fired in 1220\u00B0C (2228\u00B0F) these beauties will endure a lifetime if properly maintained. Costumed with hand sewed changeable garments and magnetic wig, \"Nymphai Dolls\" will be an extraordinary artwork that you can play with!

yoshida style ball jointed doll making guide pdf

Because of the complicated nature of porcelain ball jointed dolls, I'm not accepting any returns. I'm happy to answer all of your questions, provide pictures and send the replacement parts if needed. Contact me at if you have any issues.

New Alice Rock Doll kit is available now. Use a new crown made from wooden clay which the hair be pinned up on.24 cm long userful tool for pulling elastic string is includedNo customed case box is added from the renewal model, so the package size becomes smaller.Alice Rock Doll kit gives you to create your own doll to assemble from ready made parts and to make & dress up. It is ideal for beginners. The ready made ball jointed parts are made with Padico Original Slip "Modeling Cast". You can joint pieces easily with rubber bands. It is easy to custom the doll by carving and fleshing with attached repair liquid. Modeling Cast is air-dry liquid clay, and no need to be fired in the oven for the custom pieces. With acrylics, oil paints, water colored, and pastel, start make-up. The material is lightweight, strength, and the basic color keeps in white,not changed to yellow. The doll can be like a bisque doll. Size: 42cm tall after assembled, head 17.5cm (6 - 7 inches), dolleyes 12 - 14mm. See our blog for more information on size and price. Blog comes from top page. The package comes with: Ball Jointed Doll pieces x 22, S-hook x 6, rubber bands for assembled x 1, epoxy putty, feather knife, eyesizer, modeling cast for repair, and a tool for builing BJD. Instruction written in Japanese and English translation is available. Check the web page for English instruction. -content/uploads/2014/08/alice_rock_web_guide.pdf10% discount coupon is available. Please check "web page" at the bottom of this page.Padico also upload videos "how to assemble Alice Rock kit" on You Tube. These videos help you create your own doll. You tube channel: heartycolor Alice Rock Vol.1, Vol.2, Vol.3. and Vol.4Notice!! In case you sell your custom doll, please note "The original ball jointed doll is produced by Padico Co., Ltd." Padico prohibits all from reproducing the ball jointed doll' pieces by making the molds.

But incase you enjoy working with a book, rather than with pages from the internet, there are two great books on making Ball jointed dolls. (Of course there are more but I would like to limit myself to these two because they are really worth mentioning ). The first teacher would be Ryo Yoshida Styles, the second Martha Armstrong Hand.

Ball jointed dolls are fully-articulated dolls made from urethane resin. The original dolls were made by Volks in Japan, but other companies in China and South Korea have begun making them too. Although making your own ball jointed doll can get expensive after you add the cost of all the materials together, it is a great way to make the doll of your dreams.


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