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How to Enjoy Amagami SS on Your PC: Download, Install, and Customize the Game with English Patch

the dialogue choices don't just involve the linear story. there are simply choices that effect how the story goes. the more game-like choice can effect the outcome of a story cutscene, and the choices can even have an impact on the main quest. most of the choices are kind of simple. this is rather simplified in comparison to other games such as ffx.

amagami ss game english download pc

of course, this means that even with the availability of a lot of choices, there is still some level of customization when it comes to the story. additionally, there is a separate main menu and character creation options which has further customization ability. the main menu is grouped according to the gender of the main protagonist. from there, you can access all the characters available to you and view their backgrounds, histories, and what special abilities they have.

there are additional lines of dialogue that can be introduced or deleted by simply clicking on the correct buttons. this is all necessary to help the story progress. some of these lines of dialogue affect areas of the game that are not playable. for example, one line of dialogue will make it possible to train firearms in the world. this will give you an additional rank in the firearms rank.

other lines of dialogue have deeper effects. there are lines that can include doing things such as watching a porn, winning in a mahjong game, or falling for a female character. these lines of dialogue have a number of different effects. for example, there is a line of dialogue that can effect marriage between the protagonist and the female main character. there are choices for whether or not to do this, and there are different responses and effects depending on which response you pick.


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