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Cc2531 Usb Dongle Driver Download ((NEW))

I followed CC2531EMK Quick Start Guide to install the Packet Sniffer and insert CC2531 USB dongle in my computer, but it is not recognized as the user guider said it will automatically finish the driver installation, is there any where I can find the driver for CC2531 USB Dongle so that the dongle can be recognized by the computer?

Cc2531 Usb Dongle Driver Download

Download and install the SmartRF Flash Programmer utility (DO NOT USE THE V2 VERSION) from here. This software is free but requires a Texas Instruments account in order to download. Once completed install the software to your Windows PC. You may also need the CC debugger driver for your Windows PC located here. Before continuing, verify that the CC Debugger driver has been installed correctly.

Z-Stack Home 1.2 is the Texas Instruments ZNP stack for Zigbee Home Automation 1.2 networks. The thing type is coordinator_cc2531. While this dongle is cheaply available from shops in China, it is no longer supported by the manufacturer and users may experience problems using this dongle with newer Zigbee 3.0 devices. Official firmware from TI doesn't support the updated security required by Zigbee 3.0 and devices may therefore join the network, and then leave again if the security is insufficient. Users will see this as a device in the inbox, and depending on exact timing for the device to leave, the device may be labled correctly, or as an unknown device. Either way it will not respond. Custom firmware created by users may be available on the Internet to work around this issue to allow this stick to be used, or if users are only using older devices, or cheaper Chinese devices, this may still work ok.

The CC2531 USB dongle must be flashed with Z-Stack Home 1.2 firmware firmware in order to work with this binding. Flashing CC2531 requires extra hardware.Original firmware can be downloaded from TI website archives ( -stack-archive (opens new window)) as partof the Z-STACK-HOME v.1.2.2a package.The file name is CC2531ZNP-Pro-Secure_Standard.hex and its sha256 is 3cc5dc571ef0f49e3f42c6c2ca076d6f8fef33a945c71e6f951b839ba0599d3c.

For flashing the dongle using windows you need the TI Flash Programmer (opens new window) (version 1, not version 2) and the Cebal drivers from this TI site (opens new window) (available in section Software).Extract and install the TI Flash Programmer, connect the CC-Debugger trough USB, and with the dongle using the connector board. In the Windows device manager update the device driver with the Cebal drivers. Now the TI Flash Programmer should show your device. Select the firmware file, flash and verify your dongle firmware.


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