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Ready To Die Notorious Big Zip

While the deaths of both Tupac and Biggie have already been labeled as unsolved by the LAPD, the speculation behind their murders will continue to be discussed by the hip-hop community for years to come.

ready to die notorious big zip


After lunch, I sought out the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and found their famed greenhouses and gardens. It was a lovely place, filled with rooms of plants ranging from tropical to desert. And a room just devoted to orchids -- many in full bloom. Then I roamed through the outdoor garden, one of which was magnificent in winteretime with still-blooming trees, Asian architecture, and birds everywhere. I took many pictures and hiked around until I was exhausted and ready to return to the hotel. There, I worked on Spooky North Carolina for a few hours before dinner, and spent the evening researching more spooky spots to look for tomorrow. A fun day!

In my email last night was a nice note from the Director of Sale with more details on the ghost story she told me yesterday, and asking me if I lost a white scarf which she found on the floor near the table where I had eaten breakfast. (No, I hadn't lost a scarf.) As I was getting ready for bed, the Night Manager called me to ask me if I'd lost a white scarf. (Thanks so much for calling, but I still hadn't lost a scarf.) In the elevator going down to breakfast, the Day Manager asked me if I had lost a white scarf. I showed him the white shawl I always wear with my coat -- which was still attached to me. (How kind of you to ask, but really, I hadn't lost a scarf.) I think I almost convinced him that I really didn't need two scarves. At breakfast, the Director of Sales came bursting into the dining room with a white scarf clutched in her hands. It was a real pretty scarf too, but it still wasn't mine. (Really. I mean it. I HAVEN'T LOST MY SCARF!) Just goes to show how kind and friendly folks in Charlotte can be. In New Jersey, where I really did lose my blue scarf, no one handed it in to lost and found, no one asked me about it. I'm assuming someone is now enjoying that blue scarf -- but it isn't me. Next time I lose a scarf, I plan to do it in Charlotte.

But leaving that aside, what occurred in the rest of the state, and specifically in Camden, is thoroughly and undeniably corrupt, even if \u2014 and that\u2019s a big if \u2014 it was good for Newark. A program was literally rewritten by an outside lawyer in such a way that one of the most notorious food deserts in the country was kept without a grocery store!

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If we upload bots to wiki, we would always have bots ready for download as longas wiki is online. If it is not-online, literumble clients cannot access the list of bots anyway, so it is as bad as missing jars for download.

Additionally, we would not depend on big brother hostings like GitHub, Google, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. These are notorious for changing their APIs leading to bots disappearance. Our own webservers go down too, though I would claim, situation is better than big hosting providers.

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